What pillow can you buy that won’t cause neck pain?

The truth is each pillow has some kind of an adjustment interval to it. It could take a day or two, or it might take a couple of weeks. For some folks, they can sleep on a pillow the entire night through right away.

In case you have neck pain, numbness, and tingling, discomfort or a different neck pain condition, it might take longer to become accustomed to. You might need to find a little worse, before you get much better.

Another point which needs to be made is that a cushion that’s too large for you will definitely cause you neck pain and stiffness. Also pillows which are way to business can cause neck pain. On the flip side, a pillow that is too little, or not supportive enough can cause one to neck pain. It can place your neck and head into an uncomfortable position, leading to pain the next day.

So to answer your question, there is no one pillow. I would recommend a contoured neck pillow vs a flat pillow and I would strongly suggest you have the ideal size to start sleeping hassle free as soon as possible. If you need more help with choosing a pillow, consider seeing a professional sleep specialist (specifically a neurologist) to get their input on what might be best for you.




Would you survive being frozen for 40,000 years?

Samples of permafrost sediment suspended for the past 42,000 years have been recently thawed to show living nematodes.

Within weeks the roundworms started to eat and move, setting a record for the time an animal could survive cryogenic preservation.

Aside from showing fresh limits of endurance, it just may prove useful in regards to maintaining our own cells.

Russian biologists awakened more than 300 samples of suspended land of different ages and locations across the Arctic and took them back to their own lab in Moscow for a closer look.

Samples retrieved from distant parts of southern Russia comprised nematodes from two different genera, that the researchers put into Petri dishes using a nutrient medium.

The worms were left for several weeks in a relatively hot 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) as they slowly revealed signs of existence.


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